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Old School Barber Chairs vs. New Barber Chairs

When I first decided to open a Barbershop and how to furnish it the first question I had to ask myself was whether I wanted old school barber chairs (antiques) or more modern barber chairs. It really was an easy decision for me because I've always loved old school barber chairs. I appreciate the craftsmanship and character that each chair has and the fact that old school chairs make your shop feel like a "Barbershop" while new ones seem more salon-ish. A picture is worth a thousand words so with that being said, here's a photo of my chair. It's a Koken chair made in or around 1920 and I had it reupholstered in soft cowhide, stingray and frog. #supreme #enoughsaid

Herman "SupremeStyle" Muhammad

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