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              "What is the Knowledge Cafe?"


So anyone who knows me is aware that I've been working on a project that will further promote economic development in the city of Denver. We call it the Knowledge Cafe and it's been a trial (to say the least) to bring it into fruition. I'm saying this publicly because I think motivation is very important. I didn't have a desire to start a coffee shop or cafe because of a desire to make money or because it's a lifelong dream of some sort. We started the Knowledge Cafe to show and prove that in this critical hour the Black man and woman can and must do for self! We started and created this new business to show that we have the ability to make something from nothing. We started this business as small and as humble as it may be, to show our young people that the goal in this life that is rooted in racism and white supremacy should not be to go to school and get a job but instead should be to get truly educated and learn how to create businesses that will feed and nurture our communities. I know these seem like very lofty ideas especially when you consider that I'm talking about a small 600 square foot cafe. But consider this, everything great starts with a small and humble beginning...
This was a beautiful idea and we had a good run. The Cafe was up an running for 3 years and it served us well. We had a lot of different groups and members of the community who came through and used the space and the experiences we shared were priceless. Unfortunately, we had to shut down due to some unforeseen circumstances but the idea of economic development still lives. The Knowledge Cafe also served as the meeting place for the Denver Nation of Islam Study Group and as our economic seed. With its loss we find ourselves in need for a new meeting place. I you would like to help in the next business endeavor please hit the "Donate" button and help us build.
Bro Herman

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